The most powerful photo editing tool on Chrome. Works offline.
Professionally edit any photo on the internet with one click.
Polarr : Use free photo editing online
A new polar scene when you open a new tab, and you can optionally play a game!
Document manager for PDF, web content, books, and notes with tagging, annotations, and highlighting.
Polarr : Use free photo editing online
Warm your heart with polar bears, brown bears, grizzly bears and black bears. Personalize this new tab with these lovely bears.
The polar bear is the largest bear in the world! Enjoy amazing HD wallpapers of beautiful bears with every new tab.
Open Mind is web extension designed to combat fake news and political polarization, using cognitive science and machine learning.
The 153rd Tiny Tank battalion is back! Now with upgraded tanks and enemies, so prepare for action.
Polar Bear Wallpapers New Tab is a custom newtab with hd polar bears wallpaper backgrounds. Themes designed for polar bear fans.
A really awesome clock.
Polarr is the easiest app to create your own aesthetics and share with others, use in chrome.
Polarr is a Web-Based Online Photo Editor software. Use Advanced Polarr photo editor for photo editing for free.
Polarr & its alternatives helps you to fix and enhance photos online for free.
Includes HD images of photo legend POLAROID on every new background
Install this extension to get HD images of bears on every new tab. Includes polar grizzly panda black sun and brown bears!
This is a simple browser extension that removes potentially polarizing content from your Facebook feed and replaces it.
Polar clock is a simple iOS Watch like clock for Google Chrome, that indicates the current time with three expanding circles.
32 lovely polar bear images in HD for Chrome new tab.
Track the political bias of your news diet to understand others better and help depolarize the political climate
Change the layout Front Of Chrome Apps using Polar Bear Wallpaper New Tab Theme [Install Now] Images Change in every click
Your favourite fat ass polar bear musical artist extension
Adds polarion ticket title text to page title.
Think from the other perspective
Improve Polarion experience (Hadar Hillel, Brent Jenkins, & Chuck Klein), compatible with Polarion 20
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